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Representative Text Open our eyes, Lord, we want to see Jesus, to reach out and touch him, and say that we love him. Source: Sing the Faith Author: Robert Cull no biographical information available about Robert Cull.

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Baptist Hymnal Celebrating Grace Hymnal Church Family Worship Complete Anglican Hymns Old and New Complete Mission Praise Rejoice Hymns And, it had everything to do with oil production. As most of us know, our eyes rely on natural tear production to protect the film layer across our eyes known as the conjunctiva.

Finally, We Opened Our Eyes To The Oil Embargo

For years, dating back to as early as when the tear film in our eyes was first described, we thought a lack of tear production caused dry eye. This chronic disease comes with annoying and often lifestyle changing symptoms such as excessive tearing, a feeling of grittiness, redness, and sensitivity to light or vulnerability to environmental factors.

The problem? Our eyes suffer from an oil embargo.

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What is this oil embargo you ask? It is the recognition of Dr.

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This oil is essential to protecting the natural tears our eyes need to comfortably function with every blink. Think of it this way, you put two glasses of water outside on a hot summer day.

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In one glass you pour vegetable oil on top. Notice the oil will always stay on top and as the day goes on, the water in the glass without the oil eventually evaporates. The water remains in the glass, protected by the layer of oil. Aqueous is the form of dry eye that results from a lack of tear production widely accepted by many eye care professionals.

It is now known, however, as a form of dry eye that only afflicts a small percentage of the dry eye population. The other form was new to the eye care medical field and was called Evaporative Dry Eye. This form relates to the lack of oil production by the small glands under the eyelids, known as meibomian glands. Essentially, our eyes stop getting the necessary oil needed to maintain the protective tears or tear layer.