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Nippon no mirai wa Wow wow wow wow Sekai ga urayamu Yeah yeah yeah yeah. Koi o shiyoo ja nai ka Wow wow wow wow Dance, dancing all of the night. If it's hot, we should cool it down If feeling lonely, everybody Nobody knows when a romance flares up It's dynamite, love is dynamite.

PDF Nihon no akarui mirai (Japanese Edition)

However deep the economic depression is, romance is in inflation As you treat me so tenderly I become indecent I hope to be employed by a bright future. The future of Japan Wow, wow, wow, wow The world would envy us Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Let's have such romances Wow, wow, wow, wow Dance, dancing all of the night. Although my artwork was still present in the locker at the time, they sensed somthing wrong from the displeased expression of the security guard as they presented the flier.

They decided to leave immediately. The other report said that the visitor did not know my exhibition was forced to close on the first day, and went to see the coin locker without anything inside. Later, they said they went to see the locker, but instead enjoyed the Da Vinci exhibition. Then, I installed LED lights in each locker so that the visitors could see inside the lockers.

PDF Nihon no akarui mirai (Japanese Edition)

Many Japanese think this way, and the sentences are grammatically complete. But the world would not envy the future of Japan because Japan was in the midst of a long economic depression in Some including me think the second line is attributed to the third. This needs grammatical complementing. The second chorus would say "Your smile [shows that] you have a dream that the world would envy, doesn't it? The first chorus would say "[For the sake of] the future of Japan, let's have romances that the world would envy".

This interpretation is somewhat unnatural because there's no Japanese element corresponding to "for the sake of". The lyric writer Tsunku may have intended both.

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Anyway, the chorus section was sung to cheer up all Japanese people, to revive the people in the economic depression by the power of love, dream, and dance. When this song was played, many Japanese sang along the chorus at least "wow wow It should say dancin', not dacin' obviously ; On the other hand, I wonder about the translation of the line: "Konna ni yasashiku sarecha midara" as: "As you treat me so tenderly, I become indecent.

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And, moreover, I would be surprised that Koba-san or whoever chose this song knowing it was for a 14 year old girl Miss Moa to sing. So, again, I wonder Saludos, Fernando :. Thank you for correcting. I've fixed them.

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In Sakura Gakuin's diary Jul. The song is a bit adult-like, but she learned a lot from singing it, and she wondered if she had a bit grown up. In fact, it is mainly used as attributive "midara na " or adverbial "midara ni " and rarely used as predicative " wa midara da ", so the line actually sounds not so vivid. Hello Du Enki san, reading your explanation, I'm more convinced I was right about 'indecent' not being the best translation.

Even though my cheap Japanese-Spanish dictionary translates "midara" as "obscene", which is almost the same as indecent. But in a normal situation a girl or a lady would not say about herself that she is or becomes indecent, this is very near from saying 'I become a bitch when you touch me' or something alike.

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In this context type of lyrics, teen band who sings for a teen [? One of the most famous examples of Japanese cyberpunk, the black-and-white sci-fi horror catapulted Tsukamoto into cult stardom both in Japan and internationally.

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Retrospective will focus on Japanese independent cinema from the past 15 years and includes Cannes favourite Naomi Kawase. The San Sebastian Film Festival is to programme a retrospective for its 63rd edition Sept titles New Japanese independent cinema Whenever the word hebi snake pops up in Japanese film titles chances are you can expect something situated in the margins of society.

Compared to these two films Hebi Ni Piasu is actually quite tame, though unsuspecting film fans may still be surprised by what they find behind the warm exteriors of this unusual drama. Yukio Ninagawa never backed away from adding some controversial themes to his films. The difference is that the setting of Hebi Ni Piasu may alienate people enough to ease the blow a little.

By society's standards the See also Showtimes External Sites.

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