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Click the button below to continue. In a selfish attempt to break up Phil and Tara, she told everyone the truth. All My Children' s first success was its focus on young love. ABC wanted a soap opera that would bring in young viewers, and slowly the program was accomplishing that.

In its first year on the air, it ranked No. Despite this, its audience was building with each passing year. The show was unique for its use of the Vietnam War. Before All My Children debuted, no show had discussed the war in any depth. There were traditional Phoebe and free-spirited Amy both butting heads over the war, with Amy often leading protests around Pine Valley.

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When Amy left, Ruth takes over as the anti-war voice and protests against the war in the early s. The character's protest speech in won Mary Fickett the first Emmy Award given to a soap opera performer. Later in the show's run, Phoebe softened. In May , the character of Erica Kane Martin became the first television character to undergo a legal abortion. The abortion story received much media attention, especially since it preceded the Roe vs. Wade decision by nearly a year. Within the story, Erica developed a potentially fatal infection, which was later determined to be toxoplasmosis after having the abortion, and the switchboards at ABC lit up with calls from doctors and nurses, offering their medical opinions on how best to treat the character's case.

Phoebe's husband Charles Hugh Franklin became close to Mona Erica's mother and his secretary at the hospital. The two fell in love and Charles divorced Phoebe, even though she tried to blackmail Mona and even faked paralysis. Not only was Letchworth going to need time off, she was going to look significantly different when she returned to the show.

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Nixon approved and worked the facelift into a storyline. Margo wanted to impress the somewhat younger Paul Martin William Mooney. Margo's facelift in became one of the first major storylines on television discussing plastic surgery and its psychological effects. By the late s, the show had risen to the top of the ratings.

One reason for the rise was the arrival of teenage prostitute Donna Beck Candice Earley. Her relationship with the handsome Dr. Chuck Tyler breathed life into the show and captivated fans. Cliff Warner Peter Bergman.

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Palmer does everything in his power to break up the couple, including telling Nina she is going blind due to her diabetes. Palmer teams up with Cliff's past flame, nurse Sybil Thorne Linda Gibboney , who confronts Cliff about fathering her son, but this is temporary; Sybil is murdered and Cliff is arrested for the crime, which actually was committed by Sean Cudahy Alan Dysert. During the murder trial, Nina is astonished to learn that her mother, Daisy Cortlandt Gillian Spencer , whom she believes to be dead, is, in fact, alive and living in Pine Valley as Monique Jonville.

To everyone's complete shock, Myra acknowledges that Daisy to be her daughter. All My Children had always aired in color since its debut. The episodes were initially only saved for a short time on cartridge tapes and were eventually erased in order to tape other productions. Beginning in , all the episodes were saved on cartridge tape and then digitally since the late s. A few early episodes were saved on kinescope in black and white, one of which aired on ABC in on a special "A Daytime To Remember".

But there are no known pre episodes to be still in existence on tape. The early s is considered a "golden period" for the show and the "Golden Age" for supercouples. Knight , who was now legally Ruth and Joe's son, enter the scene. The storyline involving Liza plotting to win Greg back after he leaves her for Jenny became a fan favorite, as was the Greg and Jenny and Jesse and Angie pairings.

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For older appeal, Jenny and Tad's natural mother Opal Dorothy Lyman was also added to the canvas, where she opens the Glamorama salon and spa. Also introduced in the s were powerful businessman Adam Chandler and his identical twin brother Stuart both played by David Canary , the first arrival of members of the Chandler family. Adam became cited as one of the "most powerful male figures in television", [11] [12] which was contrasted by Stuart's kind, generous, and honest personality.

Erica began to take on a larger-than-life role by the s. This is evident with her writing an autobiography, "Raising Kane", and turning it into a motion picture. She does all this while posing as a nun. The show made its first attempt at tackling the taboo topic of homosexuality in Tricia Pursley portrayed the divorced Devon McFadden, who believes she is falling in love with her lesbian psychiatrist, Lynn Carson portrayed by Donna Pescow.

Lynn however rebuffs her. Before this storyline, no other American soap opera had done a story about homosexuality. The show tackled the issue of drug use when Mark La Mura 's character, Mark Dalton , becomes addicted to cocaine after years of casual use. His half-sister, Erica, stages an intervention with his friends to have him confront his problems. They practice a tough love -policy that has Mark admit to the addiction. The informative episode showed how to hold an intervention, and the stages to go through for a successful confrontation.

Controversy was prompted in with the arrival of Cindy Parker Ellen Wheeler , who would later fall in love with Stuart. The character was revealed to have AIDS. Through visits by now-Dr. Angie Hubbard, the show educated the public on how the disease was spread and how to prevent it. Cindy had contracted HIV from her husband, Fred, played by Mark Morrison who contracted it from sharing needles for drug use. Cindy is attacked by a vigilante hate group led by her niece, Skye Chandler. The tragedy of the attack shows the extremes of violence that occur every day to victims of the disease.

Cindy marries Stuart and he adopts her son, Scott. She dies early in in one of the show's most watched episodes. The show was getting about 6. Efforts were made to bring the show back to the glory days of the late s and early s. Felicia Minei Behr was hired as the new executive producer in early Having been a producer on Ryan's Hope , Behr was familiar with All My Children , having been an associate producer from to By this time, the show had also found a "hit couple" in Cecily and Nico portrayed by Rosa Nevin and Maurice Benard , but Behr was unable to convince either to remain with the show, and the duo left at the end of ABC was pleased with Behr; Nixon was as well, and decided her creation was safe in the hands of the new producer.

Lyman later noted her disappointment in never being contacted about reprising the role. At the time of Behr's hiring in early , the show usually ranked around No. By , it had inched up to the No. Billy Clyde Tuggle returns to Pine Valley in , after a ten-year absence in prison. He proceeds to undo the lives of many in Pine Valley. He tells his daughter, Emily Ann Sago, that he is her natural father, devastating her with the truth that she was the product of rape. He dies tumbling over a bridge with Tad Martin , ending the reign of one of Pine Valley's most evil and entertaining characters ever.

ABC chose Megan McTavish , a former actress who had been on the writing team since , to be its new head writer. She was officially promoted to that position in , with Nixon serving as executive head writer. Stories such as Molly's leukemia, Ceara Connor's Genie Francis incest , Mona's lung cancer, and Deconstruction a story about racism , were all praised in soap opera magazines for their social conscience. Other storylines included the Who Killed Will Cortlandt? Behr also helped craft a story re-exploring Erica's father, Eric Kane. It was revealed he had faked his own death.

In a comical twist, Erica finds him working as a clown in a traveling circus. McTavish was also instrumental in a major but still popular retroactive continuity retcon storyline in Shortly after being introduced, the audience soon learns Kendall Hart Sarah Michelle Gellar is actually Erica's long-lost daughter. Kendall was conceived after Erica was raped on her 14th birthday by her father's actor friend Richard Fields. After she became pregnant, Erica gave her baby up for adoption to the Harts, a couple from Florida.

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Kendall comes to Pine Valley after finding out her birth mother is the famous Erica Kane. Kendall longs for Erica's approval [14] but is also angry over her perceived feelings of being 'abandoned' at birth and comes to want payback against her mother.

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