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If we have a single currency, there are obligations and responsibilities on both sides. The idea that France and Germany can just hang us out to dry - as has been the talk the past few days - should not be taken lying down. McWilliams suggests that Ireland could threaten its European Union partners in relation to the Treaty of Lisbon :.

This is a war. The best way to look at this is how do countries that are under attack defend themselves The first thing we have to be is incredibly courageous. And that means doing things that are unthinkable on the economic front. No small country has ever got out of a debt crisis without changing its exchange rate. This is complete heresy at the moment in Ireland. People say that we are wedded to the euro and that the euro is absolutely essential. Now that was fine, as long as that we were able to pay our bills. Now that we can't pay our bills, there is an argument for being more aggressive in Europe.

And when I say aggressive, we have a Lisbon vote coming up, and the Europeans are obsessed with us passing it. So therefore we have leverage in Europe. McWilliams was initially supportive of the bank guarantee of September , claiming that options such as a toxic bank or nationalization were the wrong option, stating that.

This guarantee does not extend to shareholders who will have to live with the losses they have suffered. However, it applies to everyone else. If the minister does this, he will not only staunch any funds outflow, he will show leadership and be seen as someone who is coming up with a solution that can be copied all over the world.

Ireland in the past has done things that no other country has done, to great effect. Think of the zero tax rate on exporters in the s and the This proves that we can think for ourselves. Once more, and possibly even more crucially, we need to think for ourselves now. Rescind the guarantee. It was due to expire last September and was always supposed to be temporary. It also should have been limited; it should not have covered subordinated debt, which always gets wiped out in a banking crisis.

Subordinated debt is buffer capital that never gets protected which is precisely why it offers higher interest rates in the first place. The guarantee was required, 28 months ago, to prevent a total bank collapse.

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This guarantee should not have been open-ended and all-encompassing. It should have copied the Swiss and Swedish model, where those countries lent the credibility of the state to the banks. McWilliams has also held slightly differing views on whether a "bad bank" should be set up to deal with Irish banks' non-performing loans. In late he had said that, providing the banks were reformed:. One idea is to divide our banks into good and bad banks. These could then be restructured and traded by the State, using specialist, restructuring experts.

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Wikimedia Foundation. Januar in Ballycastle war ein nordirischer Musiker. Born in Belfast he was perhaps most popular was his song, Days of Pearly Spencer.

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